5 Ways To Ease Your Bunions Without Surger

Bunions can be activated by tonsillitis, uncomfortable shoes, poor metabolism, improper nutrition, infection associated with rheum and they are in explanation one kind of salt deposits

If they appear to your legs you eventually will feel big pain, your legs will look unattractive and you will search the proper footwear for a while. People try different methods but they are always facing with difficulties so this traditional medicine might be effective and will properly solve the problem.

As first think you should consider cleaning your body from salt deposits. Follow these steps:

1.Pour 300ml of water over a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves. Heat it for 5 minutes. You should to this at the evenings and after you finish heating leave it until the morning. After you wake up drink it in small amounts during the day but never drink it all at once. You will start to have couple of needs to urinate. That is a good sign and after 10 days you will see the final results. The pain will disappear and you will be relieved.

2.The mix of 5 large bay leaves minced with 100ml of 70% pure alcohol can help with the stones inside your body converting them into sand. The treatment lasts 2 months and the bunions will disappear indeed. Before you add the mixture at your bunions you have to steam your feet in a mixture of 3l water and 1 spoon baking soda. After they dry put the mixture wear socks and lie and relax for a while.

3.Other useful solution is the mix of aspirin and iodine. Crush about 5 aspirins or in case you don’t have any u can use Andol and mix them with 10 ml of iodine. Circle the mixture until it becomes colorless and add it to the painful parts. The positive results are coming after few days.

4.This treatment lasts about 30 days. If you have any kind of deformed bunions you should use plain soap. Cut a ribbon of the soap and then massage the painful area. After it draw the foil with iodine. Allow the iodine to dry on the skin and then wear socks.

5.Use a mixture of lemon juice and iodine. Apply to the painful spots.