6 Tips from Allure.com on How to Fade Dark Spots Quickly

When I’m near beauty spots, I’m always in search of any new discoveries or quick fixes. When dignified, I like to share with you.

Allure.com made a good run through the quick cuts for bleaching deservedly maligned, “dark spot”, a term little prettied to “age spot”. There was some good takeaways.

I’m a big believer in the efficacy of glycolic acid tablets. I was glad to see an old favorite of mine, newly renovated and recently launched for me to sample, from Avon Anew was mentioned as one of the favorites, (and affordable at that.)

The other thing I’ve learned about something well known dermatologist Dr. Jeanette Graff prescribe to their patients, especially those with darker complexions; acid azelaic. Apparently it is a clarification of the effectiveness that sticks to the job at hand and without clarifying the surrounding skin, the no form of liver using hydroquinone can. This will be asking asking my dermis to stat.

Of course, we know that if the sun always shines again in the northeast, all the work that we are going through; peelings, laser, and brighteners are all for nothing, unless one is left out of the sun and smeared with sun block. Everyday.
I thought it was worth a quick read and I think you can too. Here is a link to consider if you want to take a look.



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