7 things you should not do when you wake up!

The first minutes of the day is the key to what will be the rest. Therefore, you should not afford to make a mistake early in the morning that can shorten productivity throughout the day.

Unfortunately, most of us do every day at least one error that obstructs positive start.

If you want to change the mood and rhythm of the best day, give the following habits:

1. Allow spontaneity

Tomorrow is good to have a routine and a specific plan. Do not let the phrase “I’ll see how I wake up.” Instead, compose a list of activities you want to do in the first hour after waking up.

bi_graphics_7-things-not-to-do-when-you-first-wake-up 2. Clamp repeat

Experts believe that the delay in waking is a bad choice, because those extra 15 minutes will make you more tired wake up fresh.

3. You’re lying crumpled

Psychologists say that stretching is always a better option than to start the day curled up in a lack of confidence.

4. Preparation in the dark

You send the wrong signals the body it is night, and the room dark in the morning often feel more tired.

5. Check email

Leave this habit and at least postpone this until you arrive at work.

6. remain disorganized bed

The configuration of bed in the morning is a fundamental habit from a chain successfully completed during the day activities.

7. Drink Coffee

For many, the best time for coffee at 9:30. If you drink coffee too early it is delaying the production of cortisol in the body, making it less energetic.

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