acts of crimes in the US (Infographic)

Clarissa Wilson

Do you know that 1 in every 31 adults in the US He has been convicted of any felony?

Prisons are taking measures to detained persons. Only from 1980 to
2008, the number has increased from 5,000 to 2,500,000 people
– And that is four times more

The strange thing is Americans comprise five percent of the world
population, however, can be proud with 25% of offenders world.

just easier to suspect?

It has to do with sex as well – for
Comparison of one in every 100 African-American women has been jailed.
The European have their share of guilty pleasures – 14 million of them
they have been caught using an illegal drug to re-create.

excel in
the numbers of black people who indulge in drugs – but could be an issue
of the standard.

What is the most common crime? It is rape – that has to do with our
sexual identities and sexual health and more than 100 thousand
cases of rape in the US – think about it! civilized country report such number of cases of rape.

We live in a big, big country and we have the largest prison
population in the world. We have 1 million members of criminal gangs,
responsible for 80 percent of crime.

Moreover – US stars have been in jail too. Most of them have
suffered some drug problems, which resulted in his confinement
months and rehabilitation.

Frank Sinatra, for example, was investigated
thoroughly by the police because they were suspected of connections with
organized criminals.

Ozzy Osbourne has really been arrested for
theft – who stole items worth $ 25 and was sentenced to three months

Mattew MacConaghey was caught by police naked, dancing around a room
and play while another person was sitting and clapping.

Those who suffer from crime are even more criminals
yes: one of every 5 people in the US It is a victim of a crime –
and that is the highest rate that exists.
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