Dangers For Diabetics If Having Too Low Blood Sugar

diabetes Diseases blood sugar is too low (hypoglycemia) in patients with type 2 diabetes are known to create lameness, and if left unchecked will lead to fainting and death. A new study says, hypoglycemia is also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The researchers said that lack of adequate glycemic goals makes them susceptible to diabetes sugar levels in the blood are too low. Hyperglycemia is often categorized as a medical emergency.
Hypoglycemia can occur in diabetics receiving medication to lower sugar or insulin that could cause the blood sugar is too low. late dinner or work exercise and sudden weight without reducing the amount of medication or without additional food can also cause hypoglycemia. Symptoms of low blood sugar include sweating, fatigue, blurred vision, confusion, convulsions, and can make a person unconscious. Even in very severe levels can make a person in a coma.
Dangers For Diabetics If Having Too Low Blood Sugar

Studies show that there is a relationship between hypoglycemia with the risk of cardiovascular disease. But this relationship remains controversial. In this study, researchers from the United States, Japan and the Netherlands analyzed six studies involving more than 903,000 people with type 2 diabetes study, published online in BMJ.com revealed, to 0.6 to 5.8 percent of patients experienced hypoglycemia after one to five years later. Overall, a total of 1.56 percent of these patients suffer from cardiovascular disease.
According to the researchers, hypoglycemia associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease as much as double. Therefore, the prevention of hypoglycemia is crucial for diabetics to prevent cardiovascular disease.
say, the relationship between severe hypoglycemia with increased risk of cardiovascular disease is explained by the number of diabetics is hypoglycemia they were also experiencing cardiovascular disease. However, the mechanism between the two can not be explained.
However, researchers said the risk of diabetes experiencing hypoglycemia against deadly diseases is very high. And they believe the relationship between the two is very strong.
Low blood sugar can lead to irritability
Based on the study, low blood sugar or hypoglycemia make a person irritable and energized. Professor David Benton (a psychologist at the University of Swansea) said, there are quite a lot of research showing that low levels of blood sugar affects people’s anger. US research also showed that low blood sugar makes a person aggressive. The factors that make a person more aggressive menjai is still further investigation.
Professor of Biological Chemistry at Imperial College London Jeremy Nicholson said the chances of a person to be aggressive due to low glucose levels in the brain. According to him, the brain functions may not work properly if the needs of low glucose levels. Based on the study, low blood sugar often lead to divisions within the home. This happens if a couple is suffering from hypoglycemia as often angry.
According to Nicholson, anyone who has not eaten for more than eight hours at risk of hypoglycemia. Therefore, do not forget to eat or regularly eat and drink in the morning, afternoon and evening. Fruits and vegetables are a long-term solution is better to keep sugar levels in the blood. You are reading: The dangers for diabetics If having too low blood sugar