Four Fountains De-Stress Spa launched in Hyderabad

Last year, likes diva has shared wonderful spa experience at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Jayanagar, Bangalore. And now Four Fountains De-Stress Spa – largest chain of affordable day spas India has launched its new headquarters in Hyderabad too. For all those who strive for a stress-free life and healthy, and four sources Spa is the answer! Again and again, their spa therapies have proven to be unique and beneficial. I recently had the opportunity to visit the branch and four sources Spa recently launched situated in Banjara, Hyderabad and the experience was eliminate stress, detoxifying and beautiful. Read below for details of the visit!

website and four sources Spa has all the information you need on spa therapies, places and prices. Even for beginners who have not had the spa experience before, your website has a lot to share about what to expect. Appointments can be made online by selecting the location and the time required. It is a fairly simple process and you are good to go to the scheduled appointment. Luckily, you branch Four Fountains in Banjara Hills is located on the main road in a shopping complex, which is easy to detect. I went there with a friend of mine and we were greeted well at the reception. The spa had a wonderful atmosphere with dim light, quiet atmosphere, Buddha sculptures and smelling fresh flowers.

The staff was friendly and after checking our data of the event, we got a booklet with all the therapies listed. But there is much more to choose appropriate therapy better for us! While we were going through therapies and thinking what we opted for the spa doctor came to our rescue. She introduced herself and asked about our health and any specific medical condition. Then comes the interesting part, which is the lifestyle questionnaire Assessment Tool! We were asked to fill based on our responses and our kind of stress is determined. I came under the category of high stress and therefore, it was suggested to go for Swedish massage with Wintergreen oil, which costs 2,049 INR and lasts an hour. The doctor explained that this particular therapy more pressure is applied to the body parts needed and helps relieve stress. People who have high stress usually suggested this and I also my friend who had a moderate stress was suggested to go for relaxing aromatherapy massage.

Once therapy was decided, we were asked to wait and the room was organized in less than 5 minutes. All the spa was well decorated and even the way to the room was superb. As soon as I entered the room, I fell in love with its simplicity, atmosphere, relaxing music and nice decor. It was a sunny day and the room cooling had the right to make me feel relaxed. The masseuse welcomed me and gave an outfit to change. She left the room and returned once he was dressed. She was very helpful and even asked me to let him know if any inconvenience.

And spa therapy started! In this variant of Swedish massage, Wintergreen oil is used in place of sesame oil. Wintergreen is used for its analgesic properties and helps reduce muscle pain. This massage uses five different movements to relax muscles by applying indirect pressure against internal muscles and bones while massaging the muscles in the direction of flow of blood returning to the heart. Increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles and reduces the formation of lactic acid. This leads to reduced muscle aches and pains and creates a feeling of freshness. The masseuse did a great job and even asked me to report if I felt more pressure during the massage.

I felt really good throughout treatment. My feet, shoulders, hands, legs, neck and back applying different pressures massage and it was a rewarding experience. The massage lasted exactly one hour and once done, was guided to the shower room, which was again well organized with shampoo, soap and clean towels. I had my shower, dressed and arrived quickly.

As soon as I left, I met my friend who went by aromatherapy and she was just as ecstatic as I was with all the spa experience. The staff then gave us water and asked if we wanted green tea. We are happy obliged and took some time to relax while sipping a cup of hot tea and enjoyed the spa feeling. When we thought it was time to leave, we asked about our opinion regarding treatment and we rated as excellent! We also got a cream to apply daily and spa offered a bonus head massage courtesy.

If I had to put my experience in one word, it’s fantastic! Whether the welcome, atmosphere, therapy or friendly staff – it was a wonderful experience that is beyond my expectations. Swedish massage that my body was relieved of all the stress and made me feel relaxed. I would recommend this spa to my family and friends and I will make regular visits ranging ahead. If you want to plan your visit, make an appointment here and enjoy the spa!

P.S: The visit was sponsored by four sources Spa and images have been provided by them. However, all views expressed in the post are honest and based on my personal experience.

Written by: K.Rosamma
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