Health benefits of guarana

Guarana (guarana), is a perennial herb that grows in the area around Venezuela and northern Brazil. This plant only develops in the Amazon rainforest, which rules tropical temperatures and heavy rains. Due to its positive effects, indigenous people of the Amazon used since ancient times. Guarana contains phytocompounds as theobromine, saponins, catechins and tannins, which are potent antioxidants and preventing, slowing or arresting certain diseases. Theobromine Guarana is an ingredient that helps in burning fat in the body and therefore often is an integral part of preparations for weight loss, in preparations for cellulite reduction and so on. Here are some of the benefits arising from the use of preparations containing guarana:

  • Guarana acts as a tonic and a means of purification of the intestines, and reduces inflammatory processes etc …
  • act as a diuretic
  • Increases alertness, concentration, energy, libido, and reduces fatigue and stress.
  • is used to improve cognitive functions and performance of athletes. Guarana Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, relieves mental and physical fatigue. This action is generally takes about 6 hours.
  • helps normalize blood pressure
  • is natural aphrodisiac
  • cardiovascular system is purified, improves circulation, reduces neuralgia, headaches and migraines painful periods
  • helps with depression, stress, premature aging and reducing blood cholesterol
  • gives a feeling of satiety, and thermogenic action that caused the metabolism and helps to break down fat.

Note: Guarana should not be taken in amounts of more than 2 to 5 grams per day. Eating large amounts can lead to the onset of insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, and due to the diuretic effect, increase the excretion of urine it may be produced. Although it is a natural stimulant, it should not overdo their consumption. You should avoid guarana drinks during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or if you are one of many who have high blood pressure.


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