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  • Marshfield student mental health a topic of concern in survey results

    By Hannah Sparks Seeing data showing that some Marshfield middle and high school students feel sad or hopeless, or have even considered suicide, frightens Marshfield Public Schools comprehensive health coordinator Marybeth Battis. “It scares me to think that we have students that have considered suicide or actually created a plan to attempt suicide,” she said. […]

  • 16 Best Safety tips for working women during pregnancy

    16 Best Safety tips for working women during pregnancy Life is surely challenging for pregnant women who are working too. Pregnancy is a time when your body does not obey you and when you have to obey commands from other quarters, it becomes a bit tricky. But remember that pregnancy is not a disease and […]

  • Review: Perricone MD’s No Blush Blush

    Perricone No Blush Blush $ 35 at Sephora People think I am a difficult person to buy a gift for … I’m picky, (just ask my husband) and I have a little well-earned reputation to change his mind about shopping. There’s one foolproof, 100% no return exchange or gift that I am always happy to […]

  • Top 3 Turkey soup recipes Guide

    top 3 summer Turkey soup recipes Guide Hi friends, today I will tell you Top 3 summer Turkey soup recipes Guide . This is the Top 3 summer Turkey soup recipes Guide . So can check Top 3 summer Turkey soup recipes guide down here.  soup of Turkey is an of my meals of feel […]

  • The Best Oily Skin Treatment

    beauty Skin Care Tips Oil production or sebum on the skin is affected by hormone production. Therefore, if imbalanced hormone levels, also it intervened greasy skin. In women, hormonal changes occur when puberty, at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and also during pre-menopausal. No wonder that at this time, are often affected by […]

  • Computer simulations to explore how Alzheimer’s disease starts

    A team of researchers from Rice University built computer simulations of amyloid beta proteins to see which are energy landscapes reveal about the formation of plaques in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. From left to right, Zheng Weihua, Min-Yeh Tsai, Chen Peter Wolynes and Mingchen. Credit / Jeff Rice University Fitlow A new study by Rice […]

  • Kombucha – “Tea of ​​Immortality” (Recipe)

    Kombucha – “Tea of ​​Immortality” (Recipe) Kombucha is a tea fungus of Japanese origin, which has been Europe commonly used for hundreds of years. Initially, he was consumed by only kings and was a Japanese well-kept secret for several years. does Thousands of years, the Japanese emperor invited the Chinese emperor and planned in his […]

  • Thick Handled Weights – Norman Thompson

    Click Pics to ENLARGE Fred Lowe Thick Handled Weightsby Norman Thompson Your man-power can only be expressed through your grip, as you cannot move what you cannot grab, push or punch. all “fair” self-defense boils down to hand-power usually, and the strong man is strong in any situation. He can lift the new hot water […]

  • 6 Signs You’re Being Visited by Your Guardian Angel

    Spirit Science Angels are non physical entities that vibrate at a different frequency than us physical mortals. These spiritual custodians are always attempting to guide actions and interject thoughts that will be of benefit to us. It all comes down to whether or not you have the capacity of mind and soul. Are you willing […]

  • Training the brain to overcome pain with VR

    Credit: Queensland University of Technology the pain that persists after injuries have healed can mean re-training the brain using tools like virtual reality instead of managing pain drugs. These are the findings of researcher Griffith University, Dr. Daniel Harvie which is one of the ten finalists of 2016 Queensland Fresh Science. “If anyone is still […]

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