Is there a silky to a more agile way, healthier you? BPI Sports Protein Supplement presents the First Silk Market

Image 1: I wonder if silkworms, themselves, are not a “highly anabolic” protein in the diet, so … source at the moment, BPI (and I guess a handful suddenly follow imitators) are based on their products, however.

If you’ve been following the market for protein supplements in the last couple of years, which undoubtedly will have noticed that, flavoring and packaging side, most of the products are as alike as two drops of water … to post pros, peas. about 2 years ago LG Sciences tried to establish a pea protein concentrate as a “fat burning” (that’s what she said LG 😉 alternative to whey and also failed miserably as whose jurisdiction advertising pervasive principle of its protein product “revolutionary” res have disappeared from most relevant websites in recent times. Now, in January 2012, it seems as if BPI Sports hitherto not exactly have been known for its “innovative” products, are about to launch a new assault against the ever-increasing prevalence of proteins milk: BLOX is the name of progress BPI obviously thinks I’ve been waiting … and guess what, they are right!

A silky ergogenic the domesticated silk moth ?!

In fact, my interest in silk proteins, which are the principal (so the information available to date is concerned, even the “only”) ingredient of the new product of BPI, dates back to 2010 when Shin et to the. over 100%, while concomitantly increasing the overall gain of lean body mass by ~ 15% compared to unsupplemented control, however exercised ( Shin. 2010 ).

Figure 1: Blood glucose, liver glycogen, muscle glycogen, protein plasma levels of corticosteroids and testosterone in mice after 42 days of swimming exercise every day 30 minutes Data are expressed relative to the sedentary Control (calculated based on data Shin. 2010 )

In view of the fact that this regime also reduced the exercise-induced depletion of liver glycogen, muscle glycogen and he kept cortisol levels in check and increased levels total testosterone levels that make me doubt whether these increases are not due to some kind of methodological error (cf. figure 1 ), I was quite surprised that it took so long for someone finds an affordable source (probably Chinese) for proteins, in the case of Shin study, hydrolysates are produced by Bombyx mori worm domesticated silk moth.

Figure 2: Amino acid composition of silk protein hydrosolate Worldway Co., Ltd. (Jeoneui, Korea) used in the study of exercise (Adapted data Shin 2010 )

Now, the interesting thing about these proteins (remember: a protein is a complex consisting of several amino acids) is that despite its nondescript amino acid composition (cf. Figure 2 ) its specific structure within proteins gives them an unexpected biological activity, of which anti-diabetic and anti-hyperlipidemic have received the most interest among researchers effects (mean, who would be interested in getting kidnapped and hot, anyway * rofl *). The underlying mechanisms are still not yet fully understood.

So, how is that things work? That is, it does the job, right?

A recently published study by scientists Korea University Seoul makes it even spilled some light, at least to the ergogenic effects of not immediately hydrosolates silk proteins. In an in vitro experiment in 3T3-L1 (stem cells that normally form the connective tissue), Hyun-Sun Lee, Hyun Jung Lee, Hyung Joo Suh were able to show that the fundamental physiological processes that are responsible for the improvements in the glucose and lipid metabolism reported in previous studies ( Gao 2000 ; Hyun 2004 ; Lee 2007 …) are in fact attributable to two of our old known: Increases in GLUT-4 glucose transporter on the cell surface, for example. muscle tissue and leptin the adipokine that tells the body that there is more than enough to burn fat ( Lee. 2011 ).

Figure 3: glucose uptake in fibroblasts incubated with different amounts of silk protein with and without insulin and insulin controls and piogliazone; Data are expressed relative to the untreated control (data adapted from Lee. 2011 )

As the data in Figure 3 goes to show the magnitude of the effect of the carrier specific (scientists found no statistically significant increase in GLUT-1 expression) increased glucose uptake is relatively small and depends against diabetes drug pioglitazone protein hydrosolate silk increased expression of GLUT-4 and uptake subsequent glucose only in the presence of although low amounts [] insulin [19459014

Figure 4: Expression of relative mRNA of certain transcription factors in the path of adipogenesis after incubation of fibroblasts with either 1 mg / ml hydrosolate silk protein or 50 nM pioglitazone (data adapted from Lee 2011. )

What is interesting, however, is that the silk protein hydrosolate not only produced a significantly more pronounced in the expression of leptin (175.9% ± 11.1%) increased the anti-diabetes drug class of thiazolidinediones pioglitazone come out of the fatty acid synthase (FAS) activity, which is partly responsible for the obesogenic side effects of many of pioglitazone untouched.

BPI is right, I’ve been waiting for this, but I’m still waiting for more studies, too; -)

Image 2 😕 Even if it turns out to be another supplement does not start, the box BLOX looks good, is not it

These latter results are still not adequate to explain how the most interesting findings of the study initially discussed by Shin et al. invoking activity PGC-alpha transcription factor that is responsible for the release of irisin and further increases the ability to oxidize fatty acids as a possible mechanism, however, has so far not been established after the perseverance of muscle and liver glycogen. The nonexistent in the activity of PPAR-gamma in the study of Lee increase would however go against this hypothesis, if … well, if you know even if the composition of silk proteins of the two groups were similar used, and much less identical and course, if they survive the passage through human digestive tract and show beneficial effects similarly when they hit his bloodstream … after all, it allows me to assume nor’re a rat or a mouse, right?

Therefore, even if the available research now suggests that “silk proteins” appear promising, these products are fundamentally different supplements common amino acids, because biological activity is a function both of its amino acid composition and the structural arrangement of those amino acids in proteins and peptides individual. The source, the way the product is processed and God knows what else thusly decide whether BLOX BPI will become a valid addition (I’m sure it will not replace whey proteins milk) to sources of supplementary protein established, or if it will end up in one of the niches stores right next to peas and other exotic sources of protein supplements.
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