Know Before Toke: How not to end up in the emergency room for their excellent Pot Adventure Tourism

They could benefit from more education before they

By Amanda bent

Image Credit: Darrin Harris Frisby / Drug Policy Alliance

After moving to Denver last month, I soon realized a series of articles in the local media and national
suggesting that marijuana is increasingly leading to the Colorado visitors
hospitals. Besides feeling vaguely relieved I not tell me
tourists here, I was not sure what to do with this
information. That
such visits between residents out of state during the first year
sale of marijuana retail (2014) that was not the case, between
Colorado. The difference could be explained by a number of factors
including local Colorado are becoming more comfortable with
marijuana and some tourists who are more likely to be novice users can
benefit from more education on what to expect if they try the
The researchers did not identify causal relationships
despite some headlines that imply otherwise. Focus on rates
emergency room visits possibly related for cannabis, including
where patients reported having ever used in the past. others had
underlying, pre-existing conditions that could have been exacerbated by
the effects of marijuana, is not caused by it.

Some who were otherwise
healthy may have visited the emergency room because they felt uncomfortable
the effects of marijuana. Such cases-and the will of either
these patients to seek care and report the use of marijuana for
Hospital staff-can be seen as a positive sign that the legal status is
reduce stigma and improve public health.

The important point
to note is that no matter where we call home, negative experiences
marijuana are highly preventable. For those who choose to use
marijuana-like nearly half of American adults have-simple, universal tips apply harm reduction.
In short, a little peace goes a long way. Safer and more
pleasant experiences tend to occur in familiar environments around
people they trust. The dosage, mode of ingestion,
strain and use of other drugs, including alcohol also have a
You can temporarily affect cognitive ability, so
potentially dangerous activities while under the influence
misguided. effects for many people.

Realistically, despite some of our
best harm reduction efforts, some people still have negative
experiences that they attribute to the use of marijuana. These people should be
empowered to seek care and support, as needed without shame or fear
being branded as criminals.

Moreover, potential damage relating to
legal marijuana pale in comparison to those associated with the ban. The consequences of unnecessary criminalization, including costly arrests and disproportionate application against youth of color are much more systemic and harmful.

Colorado already is celebrating improvements in criminal justice and public health as a result of the legalization of small amounts of marijuana and the rest of the country is increasingly on board. Statistics on visits to tourists possibly related to cannabis in Colorado capture a fragment of a larger picture of the evolution of attitudes and better public policies.

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