medicinal cannabis: Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales together in cannabis oil in medical trials

The governments of the states of Queensland and Victorian have
joined forces with New South Wales to participate in the medicinal cannabis
clinical trials.
The NSW Government introduced the scientific
trials last year to help treat patients with the drug-resistant and
uncontrollable epilepsy.
The new agreement means Victorians and
Queensland suffering from terminal or life-threatening diseases can take
They participated in clinical trials of NSW.

All three trials will be conducted by the NSW Government and examine the use of cannabis to provide relief to patients.
Health Minister Jill Hennessy said the first trial would be open to
Children with severe resistant epilepsy drug, which will start mid next
year. “There are a number of experts that monitor eligibility
for who will participate and we will be doing everything possible to support
Victorian families and Victorian children who meet the eligibility criteria
to participate in the trial, “he said.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the focus of the test would be to
families whose children suffer from life-threatening seizures.
that says you can ease the pain that these young children are
going on, “he said.

says Queensland Health Minister Cameron Dick
clinical trials will establish a framework to explore the possibility of
regulated medical cannabis in the state, but the trials are dependent
the advice of medical researchers.

“I hope that work can be
completed this year. If we advise that want to take a longer
approach, particularly with complex diseases such as epilepsy – there
neurological aspects of that – we will have pediatric neurologists,
Neurologists seniors involved in that, “he said.

“You have to look at the different types of treatments and different types of diseases that are all unique.
“We do not want to cut a way to treat people just to get a result in one particular area.”
The Medical Association of Australia Queensland (amaq) said he supported scientific tests on the use of medicinal cannabis.
amaq President Dr. Shaun Rudd said the tests would determine if it was safe.

“Hopefully with the trials we will determine which components of the cannabis itself is useful for medical treatment.”
Medicinal cannabis advocate Debra Camacho thanked Ms. Palaszczuk before the announcement.

Debra Camacho with her 10-year-old daughter

Debra Camacho, Brisbane, said cannabis oil treated her
Disease daughter 10 years old, better than conventional medicine. (Supplied: Debra Camacho)

Camacho said his more than 10-year-old daughter was suffering from Dravet syndrome, one that causes severe life-threatening disease seizures.
illegal. “Actually, we had tried cannabis, but unfortunately
They could not continue the treatment so she has regressed again ”
“We are struggling now to get it legalized. – We want to be legal, so we have no other impacts
“There are problems associated with it now to give to the children.”
She said it was interesting from a political point of view and that the Queensland government was recognizing that.
“They are
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