Meditation recommended to help attendees ‘attend’

Meditation recommended for helping attendees 'Attend'

(HealthDay) -Meditation can allow doctors attending to be “in attendance” in order to heal and maintain personal well-being, according to the American Medical Association.

Within the framework of the International Conference on Physician Health in Boston, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., creator based stress reduction clinical care, he led the audience in an activity of mindfulness to tune with its own presence in his mind.

Kabat-Zinn describes healing as to agree with the way things are, and notes that it allows the recruitment of a number of capabilities, capacities and intelligences. On the other hand, describes the major muscle exercise as the muscle of the very presence of one mind. Burnout and ignoring the source of the problems is not the road to wellness; meditation can help protect the mind and help healers to cure. Kabat-Zinn recommends practicing meditation every day; Meditation has nothing to do with posture and can be done at any time of the day, as long as one is to be aware and present in the moment.

“we now know about the plasticity of not only the brain but the whole body and medicine … meditation are linked in the etymological core,” Kabat-Zinn said, according to the American Medical Association US. “Meditation can transform their reality brain .”

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