Review: Tarte Bronze & Glow Matte Bronzer and Cheek Tint

Park Avenue princess cake Bronze Glow
$ 32

We are back from vacation and I settled into my rhythm, so we promise to catch up on all the latest products I’ve tried, for better or bad

I’m usually very careful to make two sweeps through any hotel room before leaving … now I know it has to extend to the bathroom …

I never travel without my beloved Clarisonic Mia and this time was no exception. Somehow, we managed to get separated. I mentioned my frustration to a few friends who suggested she call the hotel to see if they could send it. Because I am a little neurotic, all I could imagine was the cleaning staff giving my Mia a whirlwind in the toilet as a cleaning tool — uh, no thanks.

For Sephora I traveled and naturally I was not just a new Mia. (Actually, really tried to stay out of the sun, but even after all I do to eradicate past damage, still succumbed, at least SPF 30, sunglasses and a hat -. Mostly) somehow just a little color makes whatever the makeup has been using throughout the winter look all bad . Moreover, the longer I’m at home, the tanner him, after participating my knowledge ‘Fake Bake.

My love affair with Tarte Cosmetics continues. I’m still crazy about his BB Cream I’ve reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It is duller than I was used to, but oh how you look flawless! Loren sister and other friends are texting thanks thankful every day.

His new flush with the lovely name Park Avenue Princess had me at hello …

Blushing is a tinge of color bright beautiful pink rose, which slides with a ball and tip. Use your fingers to mix, step back and admire your youthful blush. I loved the texture, color, loved, loved the glow. Sold!
It was not until I got home I realized that this was not just a blush but a product of two-in-one that includes a tinted matte bronzer. ‘Oh Joy !!! Is so pure, if you prefer, can easily be layered over a cream foundation or BB or CC (DD, EE and FF are undoubtedly someone in the pipeline.)

I’m already in panic mode will run faster than the bronzer blush. It is lighter than my usual tone blush and I tend to layer it. With a little luck, it will become a product alone … forever.

For those of you who like the details, here it is how bronze and matte glow bronzer and Dye cheek to describe the website of the cake:

A matte 2-in-1 and cheek tint in the park bird princess innovative bronzer. Become a goddess shiny bronze with the new cake bronze and matte bronzer ™ glow and cheek tint.

Product performance: This complexion enhancer innovative 2-in-1 in the park princess shadow signature bird cake will give you the perfect balance of a bronze sunny weather and a natural blush. Apply weightlessness, mousse bronzer over foundation or on bare skin smooth everywhere glare matte. With the tip of convenient blush, toning dye by applying directly to the cheeks and mixing with your fingers for a pink glow subtle pink color. By merging two products in one, the recyclable component prevents waste of potentially useful materials, making it more eco-friendly and convenient bronzer and blush choice for tartelette on the fly.

Developed by: Amazon clay and passion fruit oil. passion fruit oil absorbs instantly into the skin, providing a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C to moisturize the skin while imparting a beautiful touch of pure color. Amazon clay acts as a total Balancer skin, moisturizing all skin types, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin, improving the clarity and texture, and removal of oil on the surface of mattify skin for a soft focus and a flawless finish.

Check, check, check. I’ll vouch for everything.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the cake and for brand lovers like me, check out the fabulous sales are having on their website:

I’m so excited that I have found my go-to product for summer. All we need is for spring to arrive first …

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