Standing in a crowd-attractive judged by what we are with

Standing out in a crowd—attractiveness judged on who we are with

Standing out in a crowd; attractive judged by who we are with. Credit: Royal Holloway, University of London

Research published in the journal Psychological Science has shown that attractive judgments vary depending on who is near, and the good-looking they are compared. A person rank higher on a scale of attractive compared to people with less attractive than they would if judged alone.

popular opinion points to perceived level of a person somehow attractive as fixed. However, the investigation of Royal Holloway, University of London shows that the context is essential to assess the attractiveness.

In attraction, a crowd can be an asset

Dr. Nicholas Fresqui, Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, author of the study, explains: “Rightly or wrongly, the way we look has a profound impact on how others perceive them we live in a. obsessed with beauty and attractiveness society, but how to measure and understand these concepts is still a gray area. “

He added:.. “So far, it has been understood that the level of attractiveness of a person is generally constant If you see a picture of George Clooney today, I would rate as handsome as you would tomorrow However, this work shows that the company we have an effect on how attractive they appear to others. “

The study shows how attractive we are far from static, which can fluctuate. According to the document, a fairly attractive face surrounded by undesirable faces become more attractive than you would on your own.

Do you have a critical race crowd?


asked study participants to assign to the images of the different faces of attraction, one by one.

He then asked to evaluate the same faces, placed alongside perceived as undesirable. By adding these ‘faces’ distractor, the appeal of the same faces increasing the first qualifying round.

Participants were then there are two attractive faces with a face “distractor” and asks them to decide between them. It was found that the presence of the least attractive face to make the most critical viewers between the attractive face, as Dr Furl explained:

“The presence of a less attractive face not only increase the attractiveness of one person, but in a multitude actually could still become more choosey! We found that the presence of a face ‘distractor’ makes the difference between attractive and more evident that observers begin to separate these different people, which makes it even more particular trial. “

what lies beneath and beyond?

Dr. Fresqui concluded, “It is not just too amazing time are judged in relation to those around us. This is often trope seen in teen movies and romantic comedies, where a character associated with themselves with a lower attractive friend to raise their own wagers dating.

“film last year’s Duff – an acronym for the rather unfortunate and unfair expression” means Ugly Fat Friend ‘explored how the main character was being physically compared to their peer group As in life, this film he showed the way. perceive the beauty and attractiveness is not fixed. There are many other ways that we decided that attracts us. certainly there will be more research in the coming years in this complicated area of ​​human interaction, and I’m excited see where this research takes us. ”

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