THC (Marijuana) Stops Cancer Tumors Cold

by kavips
Medical Marijuana thought, which originally was only a trick to make smoking is legal … I thought that all is well, perhaps maybe it eased the pain dulls the mind, or something good, like people support the crónicopara pain handle it better, but it was not what …. I would call real medicine.
could not be more wrong … Why not incorporate this knowledge? (Oh, yes, that corporate American damn Media … “I do not want to disturb our advertisers … we have a lot of cash Pharmaceuticals” ..)

THC was shown unequivocally that the closing trigger cancerous tumors grow even more …

Previously, two researchers found that cannabidiol, a chemical in hemp and marijuana, caused the cancer gene to turn off, and re-divided into normal cells …
cancer is apparently a gene that turns to cancer, yapagado to cause normal cells . Most likely it is a vestige of our earliest moments in life, when large numbers of cells to serhecho order to survive may be necessary. Something external retrigger gene yobtenemos cancer ….
not only know that this derivative of marijuana cancer stops. but great news this week, just published in England, a research team has determined exactly how ….

Use the cannabinoid receptor ..

Although complicated for the average person, that is something like this … Cannabinoid CB2 and GPR55 receptor is overexpressed in cells cáncery the control cell fate … the CB2 and GPR55 are both a G- protein. G-proteins are a large family of proteins that detectanmoléculas receptor outside the cell and activate inside “señalesvías transduction” and, ultimately, cellular responses.

Basically these are the fiber optic lines that feed data into our individual cells … This receiver feel special on our cell walls in search of Los cannabinoids … (Sister of this, CB1 is embedded in the wall for célulala THC and is responsible for the high sentimosal achieve a certain level). This CB2 receptor is specialized másgirando to growth or off in immature or mature cells … Basically, if you pretend it’s the president with his hand on the red button to send missiles into enemy airspace, this seríausted receiver.

As soon as danger would begin the process of cocciónlos missile feel ….
Instead of missiles, the weapon in cancer is unlimited growth … This CB2 and GPR55 are the eyes cell and ears … a deembrionario principles and infant growth, a given chemical could be released, touch the sensor and the massive growth suddenly quita.Por Unfortunately, maybe about 55 years old or maybe before, some foreign chemical or other protein close enough to mimic the protein than before, random receptor of a cell and pen touches the signal rekindled ….. “ Originally massive growth “with all orders are ready and waiting for orders necessary proteins from the last closing …

the breaking news of this story is that, metaphorically, while sometimes queSabían missiles flew over our heads that sacanciudades more practically nothing, they did not know eraLo happens … researchers discovered in England in relation to estosdos receivers, is the equivalent of us discovering that our commander enjefe get information sent to it along these particular cords , yluego a code is downloaded to start the launch sequence missile inclusosi no threat is evident ….

Someone is giving false information to the President along these cables ….

So, how can we get access to those same lines to say: “Stop the Sr.Presidente, is a mistake, not fire missiles”? … This research is the equivalent of us realize that there is always a marihuanaoler in the outer office , whenever the missiles fly … So by controlling marijuana or THCA this person, we could make it so high, forget download his false message and close all missile launches before they transpire …. Or something like that. Rodents and petri dishes show surprising results in cancer pararcon THC or other chemicals is both marijuana and hemp. Cancer has been arrested in the breast, brain and prostate cancer cells. We are now awaiting approval from the evidence in living humans (Buenaidea try things out before putting them into practice as advocates sonActualmente discover common core should always be done first) … Hopefully lala approval will be accelerated with this good news.

However, we are very close to what seems to have a curapara cancer and is likely to come from a plant that muchosAmericanos were and are prisoners still for once he has in suposesión ….

only an ignorant, closed-minded conservative America.could a being humanosiendo be sentenced to life imprisonment for something that is not only harmless, Perosin however, you can save the entire human, domestic and farm animals, from the ravages of cancer animals …. what a mess with the conservative society have given us … Please quedebes you, God, and our nation. No matter what state you live in, vote them all out of office … We must get rid of cancer …

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