The cultivation of “life energy” Understanding Qigong

The answers are all in understanding how bio-electric energy (Qi) in the body works and functions, and the practice of the old methods of age to allow the Qi (energy) to get to all areas of the human body using the power of the mind and intention.

It is unfortunate that when we talk about electricity in the human body seems to be a blank in most of our minds, because the current education system does not even recognize that there is. You should know by now that everything is energy and where there is no energy, no life – energy is everything. Electromagnetic fields not only flow around us, but also through our bodies!

Another term used is the aura. Their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states determines the strength of the EMF ( aura ). The whole planet is abound with energy and even has its own electromagnetic field that is closely linked to our own EMF.

We share an innate relationship with the planet, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat, literally, we were converted, the planet gives us all the energy we need to survive optimally and infinity, since we live in naturally and that the Earth is in a state of harmony.

From now on I will use the word to refer to Qi energy, electricity, bio-electricity, etc., in our bodies. Qigong can be roughly classified into five categories, namely, maintaining health, cure disease, prolong life, Martial Skill illustration. There were two main types of Qigong training.

A type used by Confucian scholars and Taoists, who used to maintain health and other was for medical purposes, the use of needles or exercises to adjust the Qi or cure the disease. All training focused on monitoring the natural way. Actively in the fight against the effects of nature was considered impossible.

While the academic and medical Qigong has been concerned about maintaining and improving health, newly imported religious Qigong was concerned with much more. religious practitioners trained their Qi to a much deeper level, and strove to gain control over their bodies, minds and spirits in order to escape the cycle of reincarnation

Chinese medical practice of Qigong dates back more than 4,000 years ago, is the oldest known how the human body works medical knowledge, and most are based on the understanding of Qi in the human body. Ailments are treated on the basis of the understanding of Qi pathways in the human body.

Power is distributed in a series of complex pathways from some different sources. When Chinese medicine refers to an organ such as the spleen, kidney or bladder, which are not necessarily related to the physical organs, but rather a set of functions that relate to the organ.

For example, if a patient had trouble passing urine or urination, the culprit would be the kidneys, and Qigong experienced practitioner will be looking to restore full functionality to the root of the problem, kidneys. This involves methods to manipulate the flow of energy to them, either by stimulating the body to send more, or less (Acu-pressure or Acu-puncture in the right meridians).

In order to achieve the diagnosis of healing, some methods other methods are also highlighted by a patient seeking a healing response of your body, massage with intent, dietary supplement herbal, dietary changes and specific exercises . Your vehicle that bears his soul also needs to be clear to the flow of energy throughout allows uninterrupted system, the life force of the Earth naturally provides for you!

The energy in the human body is mainly derived from two sources, pre-birth and post-partum Qi Qi. The most important for their well-being and longevity is the pre-natal Qi (which is the essence of what is born derived from physical / emotional / mental / spiritual parent states when. Pre-birth were created Qi is used to counter the potential crippling effects of postpartum Qi (postpartum Qi energy is absorbed from the air we breathe and the food you eat).

The air is also a form of energy, and good clean air is vital to cool the resulting fire in the solar plexus of the food you eat and the exercise you do. Once the body is too yang, you can not maintain total control over your mind. Another term used for prenatal Qi – Qi is water. And for postpartum Qi term – fire Qi.

With enough practice, water Qi is directed from the bottom dan tian to the solar plexus to cool the Qi fire to prevent the body from becoming too positive (Yang) – which is the only reason why aging takes place. Yin and Yang are in an ever-present opposition, the trick is to balance the two.

Different bodies need different levels of Qi, in the same way that different machines or devices need different levels of power to function normally and prevent damage. When Qi running bodies is or too positive or negative, to be damaged and results quicker degeneration.

The ancient Chinese character for Qi was formed by two words – on top of the word “nothing” and at the bottom of the word “fire.” This implies that there is fire Qi. That means that when the organs are supplied with the appropriate amount of Qi, will not be reheated and fire. Something that contributes significantly to the overheating of the body is fat, simply because fat is not a very good conductor of Qi at all.

Because Qi strives to go through it, stagnation takes place, and imbalances of Qi in the body results. These imbalances manifest as disease, confusion and dispersal of mind. Another cause is emotion.

Emotion, emotions, especially negative have a detrimental effect on your mind be able to administer the correct Qi equal to each organ, which is why it is so important to be the ruler of your emotional mind (body).

We are not implying to be apathetic, on the contrary, the emotions associated with love is the chosen feeling you need to aspire to get even more benefits for their physical and spiritual health.

Qigong and Food

Why Buddhist monks or Taoist practice fast is mainly for subjecting the emotional mind. It is believed that emotions arise from the food you eat, remember, the food we eat has a specific vibrational frequency, and your body acquires the vibration of the foods you eat. The manifestation of these vibrations are emotional feelings in the human body.

The negative emotion is avoided putting the body in a state ying during a fast. In this state, emotions are easily controlled and can work in your mind of wisdom that is related to the original Jing. Emotions and stirrups are closely related to the food you eat. It can be observed that animals that eat plants are more docile and non-violent animals that eat meat.

Foods that generates excess Qi in the solar plexus usually makes the body more positive and makes the person more emotional. This effect can also be caused by polluted air, dirty thoughts or Qi around, for example, when the weather is very hot. You can probably guess by this information why many practitioners to completely avoid meat in their diets.

Benefiting from pre-natal Qi

Understanding Jing (essence) also prenatal Qi, Qi internal energy and Shen (spirit) is one of the most important requirements for the effective training of Qigong. Qi and blood are very closely related, where Qi is the blood flows.

Qi is believed to provide energy for blood cells to keep them alive, as a matter of fact, it is believed that blood is able to store Qi. Qi channels are nonmaterial and can not be seen as physical objects. Pre-birth Qi (Jing) or essence (the Chinese believe that the sperm or semen is refined and essential product of a man) resides in external kidneys (gonads), crown jewels or testes.

It is the main source of Qi filling the 4 main blood vessels in the legs Qi. Jing can be considered the primary sunstance or original source from which a thing is done and shows the true nature of that thing, ironically, also, sperm in Chinese means children-of-essence.

The water comes from the original converted Qi Jing, received before birth. Fire Qi is extracted from the food and air we take in. Qi fire brings the body into a positive state (Yang), which stimulates the emotions and scattered and confused mind.

When the Qi water cools the body, the mind will become clear, focused, and neutral. The residence of postpartum Qi is the solar plexus. This Qi then flows down and mixed with the pre-birth Qi. Together they circulate down in the delivery vessel, from where they are distributed to the body.

Have you ever caught the phrase that refers to sexual energy used to energize the spirit or abstinence practiced to provide all available energy, including sexual energy into spiritual development with the sole aim of attaining enlightenment ?

These are the kind of roads are still many monks dedicated and active practitioners of various incredible, inexplicable by Western science exploits. Perhaps due mainly to Western science does not want us to know that we are all capable of achieving potentially higher energy states using crops vital energy (Chi Kung).

Reclusive monks in the mountains for long periods away from civilization and distractions to attain enlightenment.

Abdominal exercises are a good starting point for Qi leading water in the solar plexus from the kidneys, which stores conversion of qi or original essence.

If a practitioner ignores completely abdominal exercise, he has a greater chance of Qi stagnation leading to all kinds of health problems. Some of the most important abdominal exercises involve simple breathing exercises such as abdominal breathing and abdominal breathing reverse.

physical confirmation of sound water jets from the navel area up in the lower chest wil be evidence that you are practicing listening properly internally.

The trick is to visualize the new energy of revitalizing breath inside your body, and the outbreathe, sending old stagnant energy that weighs on the outside. It is very important that the stomach is used, and the air feels in the stomach.

Once born, original Jing is the source and root of his life. It is what allows it to grow stronger and bigger. Generally speaking, no matter the original amount of Jing that has taken over their parents. If you know how to keep it, you will have more than enough for life.

According to Chinese medicine, you probably can not increase the amount of Jing has but stresses that can improve your quality with Qigong training. To keep the media to refrain from abusing its original Jing (essence sons) by overuse. For example, if exceeded in sexual activity, you lose the original Jing, faster than others and your body will degenerate faster.

Jing narrow your means to maintain and protect it. Original Jing is like the principal in your savings account in which it is an original investment will continue to return interest, provided that it is preserved.

Remember that this energy is the fire resulting food is cooled and possibly air, so if it runs out, it allows the degeneration of the body to carry out without opposition … Conservation and reaffirm their Jing is the 1st step for any serious practitioner Qigong.

Please understand that in order to preserve their Jing does not mean to completely stop all sexual activity, as a matter of fact, they are the right amount of sexual activity, believing that will energize and activate the Jing, which makes Jing Qi the most efficient conversion!

Remember, Jing is like fuel and Qi is like the energy generated from this fuel. The most efficient way can convert fuel will waste less. What this means for all dietary supplements on the market that are sold to us today?

Does your immune system must be functioning optimally before even able to get adequate amounts of different nutrients?

Qi and childhood

Note that the umbilical cord is connected to the navel, which is very close to both the navel chakra and the center of gravity of the body, which not realize or did not say is that the baby should get the nutrients it adds to the input and output pumping movement of the abdomen.

The flow of the umbilical cord is not strong enough, and you need the extra pull baby to extract nutrients into the interior. After the birth of a baby still bears the exaggerated abdominal breathing to stimulate all the organs with energy to help them become bigger and stronger.

Once we start to age however, start taking in oxygen through the nose and food by mouth. Since the abdominal movement harder to pump nutrient, gradually it stopped, and finally you forget how to use it is not necessary. In Qigong his abdomen still considered the original source of Qi, since this is where Qi is the original Jing he received from his parents.

To resume profit should recover the practice of abdominal breathing to extract this energy into circulation. What do you have to lose just to change the way you breathe?


Some practice called Wuji involves guided visualizations, combined with synchronizing breathing with slow movements. You may experience an internal giggle when he learns that anal sphincture is called to perform well during practice, a simple act that seems at first, only to realize it’s also a safe muscular im nobody exercises, unless, by Of course, they are attracted to the same sex.

After the first practice you may be discouraged at first because not being able to sustain strong long enough for proper practice. The reason needs to be tightened this muscle is to ground the root chakra to Earth, and to create a solid platform for energy will travel up the spine to the top of the crown of the Huyin cavity (area between anal and genital area means) which is the lowest point in the circulation around the body.

When gripped, energy can be drawn from Gaia in circulation abdominal breathing, which stimulates the kidneys to extract additional energy reserves available. Another important point is to keep your tongue on the roof of the mouth, teeth clenched in part, but not difficult and completely.

This act is what completes the circuit around the body allowing free-flow. What other power of the crown turn down again from the skull to the jaw that is unattached to IT teeth are drivers, and language (called the ship Yin) is believed to be made especially for this simple function link energy flow from the crown.

A very good reason why some people take a long time to recover from a cold or flu is because during blocked nose episodes of breathing is performed through the mouth with the tongue resting like a baby in a cottage in the underworld of the mouth. Delayed healing continues.

Once the anal sphicture is pressed, tongue held on the roof of the mouth, standing with knees slightly bent just so you can not see the tips of the toes and meditation energy the underbelly being pulled up by pushing the abdomen with inhalation and back again with the exhalation, imagining the incoming air to be fresh and new, while the air on the way to the exhalation is the release of all the old stagnation causing negativities outcasted outside the body.

All body cells are activated if done correctly, the trick is to meditate on the display of power after breathing inside and out.

Effect of EMF on Earth

In this chapter I would like to point out first the direction of energy flowing through EMF and around the earth, and how this affects us direction from different sides at the poles. Like a magnet North / South Pole, energy flows from south to north (which allows opposing sides are attracted to one another).

It is important to note that magnetic south is located in the geographical north, this means that the emf of the Earth flows from the geographic North through to geographical south, leaving the planet and makes an oval loop to enter into the planet from above the sky through the skies again in the magnetic south.

Note that the energy at the top of the Earth comes from the top and at the bottom of the earth, the entry under the feet first.

What effect do these two separate directions have on our own electromagnetic fields?


Because it comes down in the southern hemisphere, this natural flow will make your lower dan tian (root chakra) of the magnetic south pole of the body, which in turn will determine the direction of flow of the EMF of the human body.

I think this means that if you live in the southern hemisphere, the root chakra, of course, always be stronger, and naturally sexual energy and physical power will also be vital.


On the other hand, in the northern hemisphere would head south pole and body are constantly fed with energy from the heavens. Another important point to consider is why all major technology was invented and developed in the northern hemisphere?

Does this mean that it is easier to reach enlightenment in the northern hemisphere? I do not remember any so-called enlightened prophets from the southern hemisphere of our recent history? Everything from the North, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, etc.

They are the prophets of the southern hemisphere simply not recorded in our history, and were the only people too concerned with the root chakra needs? Ignoring all the spiritual needs?

Or curiously, it was the South had knowledge about stories of gods from much further back in history, debilitating to the agenda of the North had to control through the new religioun age.

I myself am a South African and noticed the physical dominance of the South over the North in a lot of Olympic sports, but especially Rugby-Union, where teams in the southern hemisphere exceeded North, in the North, on an annual basis quite convincing.

Rugby sport has to do with the physical and athletic ability. North simply do not have the same power and athletic ability. New Zealand is the farthest South of the Nation equater in sport, and if you know anything about rugby, will also be aware that they are the world champions and tear teams apart with their physical form combined power.

Many players from the south that play in the north for a few years, do not portray the same physical form once back south.

Depopulation you linked to our Qi

The depopulation agenda by the ruling elite becomes evident when we realize that Mother Earth is a target and not ourselves directly, however, does not recognize that something degenerates Mother Nature is also indirectly degenerating us same.

Our food, water and the air is very specific at this present time, there is a reason for the production of fossil fuels, hydraulic fracturing, OGM, Chem-trails, fluoride water, fast food, soy, porn carbon (exhaustion Original Qi of millions of men resulting in lifespans shorter according to Chinese philosophy), harmful chemicals, gluten, air pollution and tobacco companies are all allowed to continue with their activities by the dominant powers world.
They serve an agenda for the elite, it is not just about money, but more important to them, is responsible for millions of deaths annually. On the one hand yes, all these divisions are highly profitable industries, but on the other hand, they are all part of the agenda of depopulation of 21.

Remember that you have in yourself everything you need to be a vibrant healthy individual.

Mastering the energy of life: The book Dr Lee Yang Ming Jwing :. Secrets of health, longevity and Enlightenment

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