These Vitamins Are Good For Health And Skin, How? Find Out!

Vitamins are involved in chemical reactions.

We all need some amount of vitamins in order to stay healthy.

Vitamins cannot be manufactured by our body,take it as a supplement to your diet.

Fat Soluble vitamins (A,D,E & K)
Usually found in vegetable oil ,dairy products, and animal fat are transported around the body in fat and body stores excess in fatty tissues and liver.
Vitamin A repair skin,improve wrinkles and cellular growth.Deficiency may lead to acne,dry and scaly skin.

Vitamin E prevent wrinkles and stretch marks.deficiency may cause wrinkles and crow lines.
Vitamin K lightens under eye dark circles,has the ability to penetrate the skin and reduce darkness.

Water Soluble Vitamins ( B,C)
Found in meat,fish,vegetables, and whole grains.Transported around the body in water,can not be stored you pass the excess through urine.
Vitamin C retain skin texture and stimulate collagen production.Deficiency leads to loose skin.
Vitamin B is important for metabolism,maintaining the nervous system( which includes brain and spinal cord) and plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells.
Sufficient amount of vitamin  one should take in order to live healthy.So many or too little vitamins may disturb your body’s balance and may cause several health problems.Consult Doctor for vitamin tablets to stay safe.