Through the haze, the Paris protesters demanding fresh cannabis laws

– AFP) Sporting T-shirts and caps printed with marijuana leaves and

gasketed dangling from his lips, hundreds of people demonstrated in

Saturday as part of a global march calling for the legalization
of cannabis.Crowds

protesters, many of them dressed in Jamaica
colors, made their way through the streets

in the French capital from
Square of the Republic Bastille asking

recreational use of marijuana.

“What we want legalization,” chanted the crowd, shrouded in clouds

hashish smoke and gathered behind a banner reading “Another drug
policy is possible “

and banners calling for “Ganga for everyone.”
Some, like 16-year-old Julien, came because they wanted to “smoke in peace.”
“Legalization would mean less traffic, better products and perhaps less crime,”
he said, between mouthfuls.
for others, the World March marijuana – also held events in

Greece, Costa Rica, the US, Germany and South Africa, among
others this month

– I was about to call for a better life for
a terminal illness.

Beatriz, 52, has AIDS and disorder
nervous system that confined her to a

wheelchair 20 years ago. “But
“I am
years consumed from 0.8 gram per day of cannabis

encouraged by her doctor, who now grows in your garden. “I try

“It is
It has been shown that consumption falls, falls violence, if legalized, ”
He said

adding that thousands of jobs would be created if the
laws “oppression” prohibiting

cannabis were discarded.

– ‘demonization’ of cannabis –
its use is illegal in France since 1970, which is punishable by one year

and one (4,200) fine of 3,750 euros. In practice, imprisonment is rare,
despite fines continue

to be imposed out.
For Alain, a supporter
recreational marijuana consumption of about 50 years, the “demonization” of

It has been supported by the pharmaceutical industry as “cannabis could be

affordable antidepressant. “
According to Senator Esther
Benbassa, which was behind a bill that proposes the declaration

controlled sale and
cannabis use was shot down in April, most of the objections

are reduced

“There is still the idea that smoking cannabis is
in the wrong way. He smokes

every day, is an addiction, “he said,
calling for new legislation in what you see

as “public health
problem. “

A member of transvestite young LGBT militant group
the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

wearing a color
religious attire said that smoking marijuana can be a “vital”

Lifeguards to
seriously ill.

reject the cliché that only “old hippies”
smoke weed, cannabis said “is the only

thing that it allows some
children living with epilepsy. “

“You do not smoke them together,
but give them milk, biscuits or capsules.

That way they can
go to school, do not become vehicles as other

drugs. “

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