Vibrations can other people really affect you?


Do you think you are affected by, or immune to, other people vibrations

The answer lies somewhere in the middle, as we shall see in a moment.

When someone sulking walks into a room, which can lead instantly to everyone. It works in reverse, too – a happy person can elevate a room full of people in a bad mood. From an energy standpoint, the energy of the person who entered the room changed the vibration of people who are already there.

That happens a lot if we are not aware of the fact that it is happening. It often happens. In a conversation with a friend who is upset about their relationship problems, you may have started the conversation in a good mood, but as we both think about the problem and feel emotions situation, the vibration changes.

But what if you were to become aware of this, and become a positive influence, or had the ability to divert negative energy so you can keep your energy high?

we all emanate a vibration all the time. What is vibration depends on our thoughts and feelings prevailing at any given time. happy thoughts and good feelings create high, positive and sad / angry thoughts and vibrations create bad feelings, low negative vibrations.

When you live on autopilot, oblivious to the effect of vibration of people in each, which are much more easily influenced.

to stop being at the mercy of the vibrations of other people, learn self-awareness and instantly catch yourself when your mood begins to change. It is difficult to raise yourself when you’re sad, so do not let people drag you. Catch yourself and deliberately focus on thoughts that make you feel good.

When you notice people saying things like: “I know this company party will be a drag, because I’ll have to talk to all these boring people …” you can guess what your experience be.

You can say, “I know this company party will be interesting because I’ve come up with some great conversation topics and I will always have something to talk about.” Totally different experience, happy, up!

continue to emphasize the good, even when people try to take her in his drama

. Example:

  • his friend: “Since Tom and I split up, people have come to me and talk about it in a negative way I do not want to hear that anymore.”
  • You: “Well, why not just tell them not want to talk about Tom”
  • his friend: “Yes, but I never start the conversation They just start talking and tell me what an idiot I was and -.”
  • You (interrupting):
  • “However, you could say that you do not want to talk about it.”

  • Your friend (now defensive): “.. Well, I do not mean to be rude But now I would have known these things before I went out with him do not understand why people feel compelled to tell me these things.”
  • You: “.. Live and learn But you know, do not want to talk about Tom nor I prefer to talk about the trip to Moab in place.”

Some people – let’s face it – love drama. They are addicted to it, and who like to share their addiction. It is entirely up to you whether to join and get hooked on negativity, or not.

If you consciously say “STOP” to the negative downward spiral, you can prevent the vibrations of the people to bring down. moodiness people do not influence him.

have deliberately kept their high vibration and influence others – and who refuse to be influenced by the positive environment … that’s fine. You will soon attract people in your life that will fit your new, happier vibration!
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