What is more than all of killing the bees?

you may already be aware of how humanity is killing the bees through a variety of methods.

by Makia Freeman

in a previous article them 4 reasons main for the bees die , spoke of how them pesticides neonicotinoids, OMG, CEM (fields electromagnetic) and geoengineering were all contributing to interrupt and killing to the bees, through phenomena as CCD (disorder of collapse of Cologne).

the humanity seriously is putting in danger its own survival in the planet by damage them bees, since all depend on of the bees for the pollination and our supply of food.

Einstein said that the humanity only survive for 4 years if the bees were annihilated.

can have more than 4 ways in that the humanity is killing to the bees, but a recent interview with Gabe Cross (a phone cell old worker of the industry that is has become in a species of Communicator of complainant e intraspecific) reveals that an of these threats can be the greater of all.

is above all EMF killing bees?

in an interview with thousands Johnston , Gabe revealed that used to work in the mobile or phone cell industry in Great Britain and was trained to know frequency and width of band. As part of his work, used to carry a backpack that contains to all type of devices of different frequencies.

not is amazing, be so near both artificial EMF and RF (radio frequencies) affected his State of mood, health, behavior and all her life. He later quit her job.

what makes this story so interesting is that Gabe was contacted telepathically by the bees, or awareness of the bee, with a crucial message.

(communicators animals as Anna Breytenbach are able to get in contact with the collective conscience of other species, which speaks in one voice).

the bees not be have communicated only with Gabe; they have actively sought to make you understand and make you experience exactly what you are going through. This you has led to pains of head, feel is disoriented, lose your train of thought and suffer a series of other effects unpleasant.

seems as if the bees, by Gabe, are shouting desperately to the humanity: stop create artificial CEM that interferes and jam our frequencies, you us is killing!

at least with them pesticides and GM, them bees can be capable of feel and detect the toxicity inherent of them and avoid them, but as proceed in the proximity of the humanity with all its technology wireless, them bees is makes difficult avoid artificial EMF.

harmful man-made EMF seriously disrupting Bee communication

you know that bees have an electrical sense? In relation to others, the bees are charged positively and flowers are charged negatively, by what when them bees pollinate, it polarity electric helps to the pollen paste is to the hair of the bees.

as many creatures of the United animal as birds, bats and whales, the bees also rely heavily in sound and CEM for its own survival, as for the orientation, navigation and communication. Transmit and receive at certain frequencies, and if there is much interference or interruption that occurs, cause havoc in their lives.

EMF caused by the man, especially Wi-Fi, phone cell of high frequency bands and them frequencies of the block horizontal digital, jamming and disturb the communication of them bees to the point of threatening its survival.

during much time have been adapting and adjusting to the intrusion electromagnetic of the humanity, but now the frequencies is are making in too so can have.

the message that Gabe is bringing through is confirmed by scientific research. bees, birds and mankind: effects of communication technologies wireless (Kentum, 2009), German scientist Ulrich Warnke wrote:

“the bees and other insects as well as birds, use electromagnetic energy of the Earth magnetic field and high frequency as the light. To achieve orientation and navigation through radical free, as well as a cluster of magnetite at the same time to react.

“technically produced electromagnetic oscillations in the range of MHz and magnetic impulses in the range of low frequency persistent disrupt the natural mechanisms of orientation and navigation created by evolution.”

web electronic Silent Spring also Warnke appointment saying that:

“… monocultures, pesticides, the Varroa mites, migratory beekeeping, dressed seed, severe winters and genetically modified seeds could also explain the collapse of the beehives.” However, none of them convincingly explains ‘ the quite sudden appearance and that across the country two or three years the phenomenon of dying bees. The bees simply must too weak or ill, must also die in or near the hive. But the sick bees were not found in the research into this phenomenon. “” Famous whistleblower George Carlo

, a former insider in the industry of mobile phone that was public to expose the dangers of wireless, strongly wrote on the subject in June 2007:

“Unfortunately, the situation with the bees is a page from the playbook that we work all the time with the mobile phone industry. When the bee story first broke, was based on a German study which showed radio waves carry information disrupts the ability to return to their hives of bees.

“that the work is made public makes some two months…” The media ran with the story… In the mobile phone industry was caught off guard by the widespread attention the history obtained. After cycle, the first news of the ‘hit squad’ mobile phone industry went into action. First, they planted stories that call into question the phrase of Einstein…

“, recruited scientists from several universities to begin to go public with other explanations… viruses, bacteria, pesticides etc., etc., etc.” These alternatives have been making the rounds in the last month.

“the industry mobile is putting a little of money in the pockets of these scientific by support its work with regard to virus and explanations alternative.”

“industry is treated as a problem of politics and public relations, the manipulation of public opinion is thus the remedy appropriate for them… Most people in the audience don’t know history, not view manipulation coming or have the necessary bases for skepticism to see through it.

“but here’s the bottom line: Colony Collapse Disorder has occurred simultaneously on four continents in a very short time.”

“If the reason is biological or chemical, would have a pattern of epidemic spread we can track the spread of the demise of the bee or disorder of collapse of colony of a font similar to the spread of SARS a few years ago.

“not is the case.” The condition has affected every continent almost at the same time. That would mean that the cause has that have affected to the continents at the same time. “Phone mobile answer to that criterion”.

conclusion: are the bees the Proverbial Canary in the coal mine?

based on the evidence (the message through Gabe and scientific research), it seems that humanity is killing the bees at an alarming rate. However, we are not only killing the bees. We are killing us ourselves.

are electric and electromagnetic beings. These artificial, though silent and invisible CEM, will that affect us too, as those who are electro-sensitive can attest.

the bees may be warning us until is too late until we swim our world in a blanket of artificial EM that it is impossible to escape.

matter comes from energy or consciousness. The field creates the particle. Have that pay more attention to the United energy that the United physical if we want to attack to the root of the problem. As the Dr. Robert or. Becker, author of the body electric said:

“not have doubts in my mind that today, the greater element contaminant in the middle land is the proliferation of fields electromagnetic.” “I think be much greater in a scale global, that the warming and the increase of elements chemical in the environment.”

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