What really is Enlightenment

According to these ideas, an enlightened person should look like this:

Lighting has become the new “promised land” of spirituality, the state that guarantees peace, happiness, joy and fulfillment of all desires. It is often presented as living “guru”, one where people will look up to you and you consider as “better” and “smarter” than they. In short, lighting can become quite the obstacle to enlightenment.

Why? A state lighting

. “He Dismiss this checklist for lighting is just the concoction of mind to fool out of peace that is already” -. Mooji

The word enlightenment itself can be misleading, as it often is interpreted and communicated as a “supreme” state of being that sounds so out of reach of the “average” person. But the truth is that enlightenment is nothing more and nothing less than a natural state. It is within all of us. We are.

Does it make sense to try to act naturally? “Treat”, “acting” … both are forms of pretense that actually contradict the true meaning of natural. They are bunnies trying to “act” like rabbits? They are birds “trying” to be birds? They simply are not …. They do not have to “do” or even think about it – that comes very natural! So why should we? Why stress about “trying” to be what we are now?

“Even a stone, and more easily a flower or a bird, which could show the way back to the Source itself. When you look at or hold it and let it be without imposing a word mental label on it, Eckhart Tolle

– a sense of awe, admiration, “arises within you its essence silently communicates to you and reflects your own essence back to you..

If you want to know a “shortcut to enlightenment” (sarcasm) first things first: stop trying to be illuminated. Stop trying to “kill” the ego. And stop trying to be what you do not want to be condescending, but we are spiritual beings and “spiritual.” – The “try to be spiritual” is only he forgot. Instead of resisting the ego because they are “supposed to be spiritual,” will be the space that observes both the ego and the idea of ​​being “spiritual”. This space is what you are.

Do not you feel more natural to be just what we are every moment? Even if we are “has not come yet,” it is not creating a big red X on a map and focuses on a destination. Keep an eye on the goal is not different from having one eye on the road. Fight, acting, trying, pushing, pulling, running … when you let go all that for a moment and take some deep breaths, he realizes that this internal battle is the very mental noise, covering two obvious truths:

1. Already what you are looking;
2. We are in it for the journey – not the destination;

The truth is that you are already getting everything we need for our evolution. No need to try to control our way – the lessons we need will keep coming, our center of the compass will continue to work. Our job is simply to realize, being in the moment and enjoy the ride. Oh, and just one last reminder … you do not need to try to do those things. It’s already happening. Just realize …

By Elina St-Onge, collective evolution ;

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